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The Doctor Changes his Prescription

Today is the day that many of you predicted (and some even encouraged); we’re changing our name! Say Hello to our New moniker: Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company. Why the change? Well a few reasons. We named ourselves Shrugging...

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Canadian Winery Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin

Canadian Winery Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin   November 27, 2017   Winnipeg, MB - Bitcoin has been getting alot of attention recently after increasing almost 3000% in the past few years. But will the hype continue? If...

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A Summer Full of Markets

Lets sample at some markets. Summer 2019 is something I'm both looking forward too, and dreading with all my heart. This summer we currently have ten Farmers Markets a week booked. That's right, ten. That's like 60 hours a week of just markets. Combined with the other...

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We’ve Expanded (Again) – Thank you!

Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company Increases Capacity this Month     If you missed the social posts earlier this week, we've added a 1500L tank to the operation. Which is the size of the 3 tanks that we started with, put together! Wow. Honestly it still blows...

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We can grow Wine Grapes in Manitoba?

(Press Release)   We can grow Wine Grapes in Manitoba? Winnipeg’s Only Winery releases line of Grape Wines   Now named Manitoba’s Largest Winery, Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company takes pride in doing innovative things and disrupting the liquor industry in...

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Why is the Doctor Shrugging?

Here's a question we get a lot: Why is the Doctor Shrugging? Often I will answer with a shrug of my own - but there is a story behind our mascot. As I'm sure you're sick of me saying by now, Zach and I started this business at 18 years old. We didn't really have any...

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Store Hours

Hey guys! We've had a few questions about the hours of our store at 448B Brooklyn Street in Winnipeg - here's the deal: We currently have NO regular hours. The store is open when someone is here working. Why is that? Shrugging Doctor is still almost exclusively...

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Friday.................5pm - 9pm

Saturday.............5pm - 9pm

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448B Brooklyn Street, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3J 1M7