Innovation to the Extreme – Showing the Best of Manitoba’s Agriculture 

The Shrugging Doctor Vineyard


Surprised that Manitoba can grow wine grapes? Well thanks to ambition, perseverance, and the perfect set of circumstances – we are happy to report that we can. 

The Shrugging Doctor Vineyard covers a few acres of land in Southern Manitoba, in an undisclosed location south of Winkler. Originally planted in the late 2000s, we partnered with and co-managed with the land owner in 2017, and then eventually completely took over the project in 2020.

Contrary to popular belief, our growing season is indeed long and warm enough to support grape production, the real problem is our brutal winters which can kill most vines before harvest. We have planted many varietals of especially cold hearty grapes that have been created by Universities. These are called “cold climate grapes”. Two of our favourite varieties are Frontenac Gris and Vandal Cliche.

The grapes are meticulously maintained and then gathered and picked by hand by the friends and family of Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company every year around August.


The grapes are hand processed and juiced at our facility in Winnipeg, taking care to produce the highest quality wine humanly possible.

The end result? Handcrafted and delicious grape wines made from Manitoba Grapes. We typically age the wines over a year to peak taste, then release them into the wild.


We plan to continue to innovate, and revolutionize Manitoba’s wine industry, forever.