For Immediate Release

April 11, 2022


Winnipeg, MB – As the COVID-19 pandemic enters into its third year, there has been irreparable damage done to many small businesses, especially in the beverage industry. Although slowed down, thankfully Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company has been able to pull through. 


From pioneering alcohol home delivery, opening the first Wine-centered tasting room, or maintaining a Southern Manitoba Vineyard; Shrugging Doctor has been on the forefront of innovation in Manitoba’s liquor industry. 


Founded by two 18 year olds and opened in 2017, the Winery has now passed the milestone of $1 million dollars made in sales. While admittedly an arbitrary number, Co-Founder Willows Christopher thinks it’s a good reflection of the progress they have made. 


“Even though it’s kind of arbitrary, I think it’s important to use this milestone as a reflection of how far we’ve come from a $50 investment when we were teenageers” he said. “Racking up debt during COVID-19 definitely weakens the celebration, but we’re hoping to use this as motivation to get back to growth post pandemic.”


Although the winery was closed for over 12 months sporadically since February 2020, Shrugging Doctor’s been able to continue the grind, including winning two awards in 2021 for their winemaking. One Bronze medal and one Double-Gold medal in two separate wine competitions. 


The winery has grown from producing a few hundred cases a year from three 500L wine vats, to producing over 3000 cases a year from a combined 12,000L capacity. 


“I am so immensely happy to be a part of the Liquor Industry in Manitoba, and that it looks like all the great breweries, distillers, meadery and cidery have weathered the pandemic storm.” Willows continued. “I think it’s important to celebrate milestones, and all of us moving forward into 2023 and beyond is cause for celebration.”


As of now, Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company has reopened their tasting room/wine bar in Sunny St. James (Currently open 5pm-10pm, Friday-Sunday), plans on returning to sampling their products in Liquor Marts in May, and has an entire summer booked of Farmers Markets all across Manitoba.


You can check out the Shrugging Doctor’s tasting room, delivery service, products, and other things at their website –, Or you can visit at 448B Brooklyn Street in Winnipeg.