The 2020 grape harvest has come to an end!

2020 has definitely been a weird year all around, up to and including a global pandemic and economic shutdown – but it gave us more time to experiment on the Vineyard.

Manitoba’s Only Commercial Wine Vineyard is now fully maintained and harvested by our people here at Shrugging Doctor. Our summer Vineyard manager Amy has done a great job working with Dr. Zach to keep the vines looking tip top and producing top quality grapes.

We have around 10 varietals of grapes planted in our nested vineyard in the Pembina Valley, which covers approx. 2 acres of land. The best performing grapes are Vandal Cliche and Frontenac.

With the help of some awesome volunteers, we were able to harvest in a single day right before the frost hit (which was September 20th this year). Leaving the grapes the longest possible until the frost creates the best tasting and highest sugar contented grapes – which leads to better tasting wine.

Dr. Zach and Willows will be processing the 2100 lb harvest tomorrow at our facility in Winnipeg, where the wines will then sit for a minimum of 12 months to age.

In the years to come, we hope to plant more and more grapes over the 40 acre parcel of land that our small vineyard currently sits on.

Our vineyard proves there’s more to Manitoba’s Agriculture than canola. Showing the best of what this province has to offer.

Keep an eye out for our 2019 white wine which will be available soon, and feel free to pre order some 2020.

-Willows, Co-Founder