For Immediate Release

December 19. 2019

Winnipeg, MB – With all the breweries opening in Winnipeg (We’re up to 15!) the industry is as exciting and innovative as ever. Although the city can enjoy all the brewery taprooms and brewpubs to get all their beer needs, Manitoba has had a distinct lack of a space dedicated to wine, cider, mead and sangria… this week, that is fixed!

The boys over at Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company, who now famously opened Manitoba’s Largest Winery at the age of 20, have renovated an addition at their winery on Brooklyn Street to become Manitoba’s first tasting room for wine and cider in history. 

The humble tasting room comes from Shrugging Doctor’s humble roots, having done all the renovations themselves, it will have a 10 person capacity spread over a bar room and a lounge area. 

The “Doctor’s Lounge” as they are thematically calling it, will serve all of Shrugging Doctor’s Wines, Meads, Sangria and Ciders by the glass, as well as serving wine flights of 5 or 3 smaller glasses. They will also be providing many craft cocktails using their products. The venue will also serve light snacks, a charcuterie and limited non-alcoholic beverage options.

“I’m so happy.” said Willows Christopher, Co-Founder of Shrugging Doctor. “We’ve wanted to have a tasting room for our entire almost three years in operation, but never had the start up capital. Now that we’re doing much better, it became feasible.” 

“The Doctor’s Lounge” will be opening this weekend as a soft launch. Their hours will be 5pm-11pm Thursday – Sunday. Shrugging Doctor will still operate their delivery service and other events as well.

You can check out the Shrugging Doctor’s tasting room, delivery service, products, and other things at their website –, Or you can visit at 448B Brooklyn Street in Winnipeg.