Lets sample at some markets.

Summer 2019 is something I’m both looking forward too, and dreading with all my heart.

This summer we currently have tenĀ Farmers Markets a week booked. That’s right, ten.

That’s like 60 hours a week of just markets. Combined with the other events I do, sales, delivery, etc. It looks like I’m working more hours than there are in the day.

I do this all for you, my friends.

We will be cycling through different products at different markets, mainly Cider, Raspberry, Cranberry and Sangria, but I have plans to have a couple special markets where I bust out the seasonal or grape wines.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us and coming out, we had a great summer last year with 5 markets, so we figured we may as well double down.

Come see me and get some samples all summer!

Full schedule is on our Instagram (and might change) but we will be attending:

Wolsely Farmers Market

St Norbert Farmers Market

South Osborne Market

Downtown Market

Red River Market

Bronx Park Market

Stay Tuned for more.