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We can grow Wine Grapes in Manitoba?

Winnipeg’s Only Winery releases line of Grape Wines


Now named Manitoba’s Largest Winery, Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company takes pride in doing innovative things and disrupting the liquor industry in the Province.


Staying in line with their tradition of unique products, Shrugging Doctor has partnered with one of the only grape growers in the Province to produce a wine from 100% Manitoba Grown Grapes.


Two products are being released this week, ‘The Great Vandal’ a White Wine made from Vandal Cliche grapes, and a Rose called ‘Shakin’ at the Knees’ made from Frontenac grapes.


The Great Vandal is a light and flavourful white wine sitting at a nice and reasonable 9.4% alc./vol.. Easy drinking and great for the warm weather we’ve been having in Winnipeg this month.


Shakin’ at the Knees is a full and amazing tasting Rose really highlighting the best qualities of Manitoba fruit and the care and attention of Zach Isaacs, the head winemaker at Shrugging Doctor.


But I thought it was too cold to grow grapes here?


This project is years in the making, it took almost a decade to finely tune special strains of cold-hardy grapes in a special microclimate in Southern Manitoba. Shrugging Doctor is very excited to bring both these grape wines (and perhaps a couple other surprises in the future) to market!


The Great Vandal will be available through Shrugging Doctor at www.ShrugDoc.com as well as on SkipTheDishes starting this week. More information about the Rose release will be announced soon.