Canadian Winery Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin (Press Release)

November 27, 2017

Winnipeg, MB – Bitcoin has been getting alot of attention recently after increasing almost 3000% in the past few years. But will the hype continue? If more businesses begin to adopt the payment method, it might!

In late November a Manitoban Company became the First Canadian Winery to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment for their products. They are currently only accepting BTC in their store, but plan to move online soon.

“I guess I’ve always considered myself a bit of an anarchist” Willows Christopher, Co-Founder of Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company said with a laugh. “Cryptocurrency is a great idea, and I’m happy to help make it more mainstream.”

The Winery opened their doors in January 2017 and prides themselves in being innovative and ‘Revolutionary’. Accepting Bitcoin is just the next step of their disruption of a heavily regulated industry like Canadian Alcohol.

Shrugging Doctor got a lot of media attention in Manitoba for launching their Within-the-Hour City Wide Alcohol Delivery Service in Winnipeg earlier this year, and continues to try and modernize and improve the alcohol buying experience for consumers.

Learn more about Shrugging Doctor at or on Social Media – @shrugdoc