Today is the day that many of you predicted (and some even encouraged); we’re changing our name! Say Hello to our New moniker: Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company.

Why the change? Well a few reasons. We named ourselves Shrugging Doctor Brewing Company in 2014 before we had made a single commercial product. At that point we had been homebrewing beer and had every intention to produce beer commercially. You have to remember that 2014 was a very different time for the Craft Alcohol Industry in Manitoba. The only people who were brewing here were Fort Garry and Half Pints, so we saw a gap in the market (like many others inevitably did).

By the time we finished getting messed around by the City of Winnipeg for almost a year, great breweries that have now become Manitoba staples were opening. Torque, Barn Hammer, Little Brown Jug, and Peg Beer Co. had all opened their doors, closely followed by other beer makers like Brazen Hall and our friends at One Great City. Continued by Trans Canada and Stone Angel.

As we continued to experiment with our products, and made the switch to more premium Fruit Wines and Apple Cider, the other beer makers in the Province continued to create and produce some absolutely delicious and AMAZING beers – something that we didn’t feel like we could add too in the growing market.

We decided instead to focus on our Winemaking, Cider, Mead and other projects to expand in a different direction than initially planned. This of course brought the problems with people always asking what kind of beer we produced and seemed to produce some animosity from beer fans in the province.

So as of today we are changing our name to something that provides a little more context into our operation, Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company begins its rebrand today. Cheers.