Hey Friends,

One of the biggest things we hear from our customers is – “I loved _____ wine, what happened to it?!?” the answer has a few layers but I’d like to dive into it today.

Isaacs and I started this business when we were 18 years old. No business experience, no formal education, no assets, and barely any money. I’m sure you can imagine that it was difficult to get people to believe in us (thank god for Futurpreneur for helping us get started). So that being the case, we started this entire operation for under $50,000.

Starting any business, never mind a manufacturing operation, is capital intensive; and after being delayed by the city of Winnipeg for almost 9 months – we had none.

So every decision we’ve made since then and every product we released has been based on capital. Shortly after launch we added another 1000L tank to our operation to keep up with demand, and now at the end of September 2017 we will be adding another one.

I am beyond grateful for all of you – customers and supporters – for keeping us going and letting a couple kids live their dreams and try to revolutionize liquor in Manitoba.

We have been taking in all the data of our products since our launch in January, and now plan to keep a few of the favourites around permanently (Cranberry, Apple Cider and Mead for sure) but keeping up with demand has been our biggest problem.

Support from all you people, plus great support from MBLL (We’re now in like 50+ Liquor Marts!) Casinos of Winnipeg, Kings Head Pub, Barley Brothers, Royal Manitoba Yacht Club, The Hub Social Club and some others; we have been moving way more product than we anticipated.

(Selling too fast is probably a good problem to have as far as problems go)

We hope that adding some new tanks as well as refining our production process will help keep everything quick and consistent.

Hopefully very soon you won’t see ‘Temporarily out of Stock’ on the order page so much.

Again, thanks for all the support, I appreciate each and every one of you. We’re learning and growing quick so I also appreciate the patience.


-Willows, Co-Founder