“INTRODUCING the Doctor’s new digs: A freshly revamped brand identity that we’re #launching throughout all of our applications and products. The exciting new Shrugging Doctor look captures our brand’s charismatic, entrepreneurial spirit by pulling inspiration from the travelling doctors of old who showcased their many elixirs of wonder and miracle remedies. If one wishes to revolutionize liquor they might as well look the part. Keep an eye out for this handsome fella!”

We have decided to take a new approach with our brand, to properly reflect our mission statement and our goals.

Shrugging Doctor aims to greatly influence the alcohol industry in Manitoba. The company’s personalities have a strong entrepreneurial spirit which is reflected in their “revolutionary” brand to give the product an upbeat, charismatic swagger by pulling inspiration from doctors of old. Those who worked on the road selling their many miracle elixirs, concoctions and remedies.

Shrugging Doctor is a ‘revolutionary’ brand. Some of the elements of this archetype are:
• Being a confident decision maker.
• Lots of character, humorous.
• An entrepreneurial spirit.
• Energetic, charismatic.
• Resourceful and innovative in nature.
• A good call, someone who knows just what to say or do in the moment.
• Witty, doesn’t take itself too seriously and can crack a good joke.
• Ol’ timey swagger. • Sociable – has a knack for connecting with people.

Welcome to the New Shrugging Doctor!